Why Else Would You Hire Me?

If you’ve checked out my home page, you know I am an award-winning copywriter many times over, with a background  in advertising and digital marketing. In addition, I am a published author.  In other words, I’ve got the creds.

Right now I could be writing dynamic copy that could turn your website into a traffic engine, or posting an awe-inspiring blog. What’s holding you back?  I’m guessing you want to know more about me so that you feel comfortable trying me out.  I’m glad to oblige. 

I Am . . . 

The summit

I reached the summit! North Carolina, 2013


  • a lover of learning. I speed read which helps a lot because my interests are so varied. I am a Precept trained Bible study leader and teach adult classes.
  • a lover of all things creative – no matter the form: art, crafts, writing, movies, decorating – I am in!
  •  a lover of family, friends and pets. (Lots of each)
  • a lover of life.


If that’s not enough, connect with me on Facebook and like Bright Idea Content. Let’s get acquainted.

Or, you can listen to what others say . . .

Jayne Rios, CEO & Founder, Express Yourself, KungFuzos, Acts 2 Technology

Jayne Rios, CEO & Founder, Express Yourself, KungFuzos, Acts 2 Technology


“Cheryl is my go-to content creator.  She has written blogs, press releases, websites, case studies, eLearning courses and video scripts for my marketing companies and for my clients.  She even wrote sections and edited my book, The Interactive Author, and as any author can tell you, a good editor is a life-saver. She certainly was that to me. I can always depend on her to add a creative spin that grabs attention, but accurately relays key information. What I love about her work is that no matter what client she is writing for she is able to capture their personality or corporate culture and write in their voice. Her work is definitely not generic.  I enjoy working with Cheryl and appreciate her professionalism.  She does her own research and works with little supervision, delivering great content.  For marketing directors or entrepreneurs, Cheryl can be considered a member of their team, relieving pressure by delivering exactly what they need on time and in budget.”


Sherry Mirshahi-Totten, Brand Strategist, www.makeyourbrandindemand.com

Sherry Mirshahi-Totten, Brand Strategist, www.makeyourbrandindemand.com

“Cheryl, from the very beginning of our conversation, I could tell you are truly someone who loves to help other entrepreneurs succeed,  and you really do! I love that you have experience in not only working in advertising but also in having run your own ad agency, too.  Coupled with your sales background, these skills make you one-of-a-kind and a true Brand in Demand in my eyes. What I love most is that you bring an element of fun in the work you do so that the copy is never dull or boring. I’ve seen your work and I can honestly say that anyone who is lucky enough to have you create their content will be happy they made that investment.”