Here’s What Clients Say . . .

Bruce Mazzare, CEO Management Development Systems

Bruce Mazzare, CEO
Management Development Systems

“Not only is Cheryl an excellent writer but also an excellent listener. She is able to weave her experience into expressing our business strategy to our market. I’d highly recommend her and her talents as a writer, social media developer and marketing consultant.”

Dani Rotramel, Founder & CEO Fabufit

Dani Rotramel, Owner of Fabufit & Fabulously Fit Over 50





“Cheryl  has been an amazing marketing partner in my business. She has increased my on line presence through her keen blogging skills and social media expertise.  I consider Cheryl a valued partner and a multi-talented marketer. I appreciate Cheryl for professionalism and her friendship. She is a joy to work with!”



Charley & Jeannie Shepard

Charley & Jeannie Shepard, owners of Fly A Sim

“We  enjoy working with Cheryl, and appreciate the creative flair she brings to all our marketing efforts. Her ideas are not only creative, but are solid marketing strategies to get the job done.  Our business has grown due to her active involvement in our social media posts, Facebook ads and email campaigns. She is ever mindful of increasing our ROI and is a valued member of the Fly A Sim team.”



Gwynn Slavik, Marketing  & Communications Director

Gwynn Slavik, Marketing & Communications Director


“Cheryl Lenamon is the benchmark for organized creative genius.  She’s easy to work with and delivers on deadlines and promises.  I’ve used her for many projects including web copy, brochures and ad copy.  We’re never disappointed with her creative ideas or her copy.  The process of working with Cheryl is easy and I would recommend her for a variety of projects.”


“Have you ever been at a loss for words? Well I have, and I want what I write to be as perfect as possible. That’s where Cheryl Lenamon and Bright Idea Content came in and saved the day. I knew what I wanted to say, I just didn’t know how to say it. Looking for someone that both walks the walk and talks the talk? Stop looking.  For copy that sells, this is the last stop you need to make.”Judy Hoberman

Jayne Rios, CEO & Founder, Express Yourself, KungFuzos, Acts 2 Technology

Jayne Rios, CEO & Founder, Express Yourself, KungFuzos, Acts 2 Technology

“Cheryl is my go-to content creator.  She has written blogs, press releases, websites, case studies, eLearning courses and video scripts for my marketing companies and for my clients.  She even wrote sections and edited my book, The Interactive Author, and as any author can tell you, a good editor is a life-saver. She certainly was that to me. I can always depend on her to add a creative spin that grabs attention, but accurately relays key information. What I love about her work is that no matter what client she is writing for she is able to capture their personality or corporate culture and write in their voice. Her work is definitely not generic.  I enjoy working with Cheryl and appreciate her professionalism.  She does her own research and works with little supervision, delivering great content.  For marketing directors or entrepreneurs, Cheryl can be considered a member of their team, relieving pressure by delivering exactly what they need on time and in budget.”