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French Travel Tips

What Travel Writers Don’t Tell You About Visiting France
Before a recent vacation in Paris and the Normandy area of France, I read every travel blog I could find, plus bought books on what to do, what not to do, what to see, and how to behave. I did get the impression that I was […]

Who Should Write Marketing Content?

Who is Qualified and Who is Not?
Last in the 10-Part Content Marketing Series.

In the business world, there are several necessary types of writers. From the executive assistant who writes letters and presentations – to the technician who provides manuals and data sheets – to the manager who is responsible for outbound marketing. Unfortunately for entrepreneurs and owners of […]

6 Top Writing Tips to Make You a Pro

Writing Tips that Will Turn You Into A Pro
Part 9 in the 10-Part Series: Content Marketing 101

My style is relational, that’s where my passion is. I started my career as an Ad Agency Copywriter years ago and found that my best writing occurred when I understood my audience. I sat in my office, eyes […]

Why Do We Write Blogs?

Blogging for Business
Part 8 in the 10-Part Series, Content Marketing 101

One excellent way to let your voice be heard is through blogging. If you’ve been in business any time at all, you’ve thought about blogging and wondered how effective this potentially time-consuming activity can be for your business.  After all, according to WPVirtuoso there […]

Content for Websites

Websites are truly the worst offenders of generic content.
Part 7 in the 10-Part Series: Content Marketing 101

I’ve actually had clients ask me to pull content from websites relevant to their business and mix it up. Say what?  Unfortunately, when I asked them to tell me what made their company unique, or what their story […]

Effective Content Marketing Demands a Story.

What’s Your Story?
Part 6 in the 10-Part Series: Content Marketing 101

Here are two examples of a company story. The first one is actual content taken from the web.  The second one I wrote as an example of how this company could have told their story.

Example 1:

JMA, Inc. has been in business for ten years […]

Content Marketing – Use Your Voice

Share Your Story, Reveal Your Personality
Part 5 in the 10-Part Series, Content Marketing 101

Sometimes the best way to define what something is is to state what it is not.

Your voice is not generic.  Your voice cannot be “heard” on your website by copying someone else’s content and changing a few words.  Your voice cannot […]

The Benefits of Content Marketing

“76% of marketers saw an increase in customer engagement as a result of content marketing.”
Part 4 in the 10-Part Series: Content Marketing 101

It works. For years, brands have told their story through content marketing. Hallmark is an example. Would you rather see how a greeting card brightened the day of a loved one, or […]

The Importance of Content in Marketing

Who Placed the Crown on King Content?
Part #3 of the 10-Part Series, Content Marketing 101

Traditional advertising has lost its luster and advertisers are seeking new ways to reach their target audiences. But why?

When consumers starting researching products and services online, the ballgame changed for everyone. It has become increasingly clear that quality content is […]

Traditional Advertising Vs. Content Marketing

Part 2 of the 10-Part Series: Content Marketing 101
Show the World You are a Rockstar!
I began my writing career as an ad agency copywriter and moved from advertising to online content marketing years ago. There are some similarities and some major differences in these two distinct forms of promotion.  While traditional advertising sold products and […]


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